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Our patented spring feeder systems are designed to offer an affordable alternative for those needing to detangle and feed springs to a desired location. This is achieved by incorporating vibratory and centrifugal technology to create a more robust parts delivery system.

Our design allows the user to place bulk springs into the storage device with minimal forethought to their tangled state. One of the advantages of using our CentriVibe feeders is the centrifugal forces created inside the system helps propel the product around the feeder's bottom and up the internal track. This reduces the possibility of the parts stalling which is commonly found in a typical standard vibratory feeder when attempting to feed springs. This is a tremendous benefit to the feeding characteristics of the machine.

Once the product is introduced into the system they will be gently separated with an integrated centrifugal disc with parts manipulating features attached. The system will deliver these separated springs to the output and reject the tangled ones back into the machine where they will have another opportunity to be split apart. The springs will then be sent to the customer's assembly station via a conventional vibratory linear track or conveyor or blown through a tube via a venturi which can be up to 30 feet in length. This method of parts manipulation allows for a smaller footprint and a higher than typical feed rate.

Our CentriVibe feeding systems are available in several sizes. They range from 21" to 72" in diameter. If desired, your system(s) can include our open design, vibratory tray feeder (fig. 1). These tray feeders are design so the spring's forward movement is not impeded. With this kind of versatility, our CentriVibe feed systems can feed a wide variety of springs (fig. 2)
Each CentriVibe system is CE rated and requires 120 VAC 50/60Hz. 1PH input (220 VAC if requested). Typically, these feed systems produce noise levels between 70-80 decibels but if the customer requires lower noise levels, we can provide a sound reducing enclosure with easy access hinged panels.

The 36" feeder system shown below (fig 1) has been coated with an FDA approved urethane coating (optional). This is a baked on process that provides a durable and pliable surface to help protect the parts while helping reduce noise levels.
If required, we can design a multi-discharge feeding system for your automation needs. The feeder shown in figure 3 is designed with apposing discharges that deliver parts to two different assembly locations.

fig. 2

Below are pictures of our CentriVibe 
feeders with enclosures around them.

fig. 1

fig. 3

CentriVibe Spring Detangler/Untangler Feeder Systems

Specializing in Custom Vibratory & Centrifugal Parts Feeding System Including Our Newly  Patented CentriVibe Spring Feeders

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